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Why Megadoor

The Megadoor vertical lifting fabric door offers numerous advantages, all of which aim to make you more efficient and productive. Our worldwide organisation is always ready to support you – from initial design and construction throughout the door's long operating life.

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  • Robust design

    Resistant to damage

    • Double-layer reinforced fabric is extremely strong.
    • Aluminium profiles and components are dimensioned to withstand high stress.
    • Thanks to the flexible design, minor collisions do not cause permanent damage.
    • There are no hinges, springs, cables or couplings that can be damaged if anything collides with the door.

    Withstands high wind loads

    • By designing the door leaf with a suitable number and type of intermediate beams, the Megadoor vertical lifting fabric door can be dimensioned to withstand high wind loads.

    Impervious to sand and dust

    • There are no gaps, hinges or tracks in the floor, so operation is not affected by accumulation of sand and dust.

    Extreme weather has no influence

    • The Megadoor vertical lifting fabric door is made of highly durable materials that easily cope with temperatures from -35°C to +70°C.
    • The reinforced, UV-resistant, flame-resistant door fabric is protected against mildew and rot.


    • The design has its origins in the requirements placed on wood drying kilns, where conditions can be extreme, e.g. +60°C indoors, 100% humidity and -30°C outdoors. The door is highly suitable for use in process industries, painting and blasting facilities, waste and recycling plants, aircraft hangars, shipyards and other corrosive environments.

    Accommodates building settlement and deformation

    • The Megadoor vertical lifting fabric door is stable, light and flexible. They place comparatively little load strain on buildings, and can easily accommodate a certain degree of building settlement and deformation. These are great advantages (not just on difficult ground).
  • Operational reliability

    Reliable mechanics

    • Clean, uncomplicated design, with few moving parts. Insensitive to dust and moisture.

    Durable door leaves

    • Even if the door fabric is penetrated and damaged, or if an aluminium profile is deformed in a minor collision, the door can still be operated. Repair can then take place at a later date.

    Operationally reliable control equipment

    • Electrical installation is taken care of at the factory and all electrical functions are checked.
    • Should the door’s safety edge be damaged or stop working, the automatic control unit switches directly to a safety mode.
  • Automatic door control

    Automatic function

    • Depending on required function and safety level, the door can be equipped with various automatic control systems.
    • Radio, photocells, radar and magnetic loops are examples of possible control methods.
    • Example functions include automatic closing/opening, passage control, sluice interlock, etc.

    Reliable PLC door control

    • The Megadoor vertical lifting fabric door’s functions are controlled by a PLC, which is factory-programmed before delivery.
    • Via its display, the PLC provides much useful information; e.g. number of operating days and door cycles, current settings, and diagnostics.
  • Low maintenance cost

    Low maintenance

    • The Megadoor vertical lifting fabric door requires very little maintenance. This means low total cost and high availability.

    Low maintenance costs – door leaves

    • As long as a sharp object does not puncture the fabric, there are no consequences if a vehicle has a minor collision with a door leaf. Furthermore, holes can be easily repaired. If an invisible mend is required, simply undo the aluminium clamp strips and, to cover the damaged area, fix a whole sheet over the existing one.
    • If an intermediate section is severely by a collision, it can either be straightened on-site or completely replaced. Unlike conventional doors in similar circumstances, it is extremely rare for a complete Megadoor leaf to need replacing.
  • Well sealed

    Sealed door leaves

    • Door leaves have a sealed design. There are no joints or holes that require sealing.

    Draught-free at ceiling and floor

    • The Megadoor header box (drive unit) is enclosed in sheet metal and bolted to a wall or ceiling.
    • A wide rubber boot provides a good seal against the floor. To guarantee a good fit to the floor, the final length of the door leaf is adjusted on-site.

    Draught-free at the sides

    • The design of the guide rails ensures that there is negligible air leakage when the Megadoor vertical lifting fabric door is closed.
  • Flexible design

    Multiple doors without unlimited width

    • There are almost no practical limits to the size and configuration of the Megadoor vertical lifting fabric door.
    • In some cases (extremely wide openings for example), it is a good idea to divide openings into several smaller opening sections. With Megadoor swing-up mullions separating door leaves, this permits a virtually unlimited opening width.
    • Doors in multiple door arrangements can be opened individually or, if the entire opening width is needed, all together.

    Advantages of flexibility

    • The flexibility of multiple doors presents building designers with many advantages. Lower energy consumption, reduction in building size and function-specific design are just three of many possible benefits.
    • No additional area is required to accommodate the door opening.
  • Suitable for any industrial environment

    Optimum hangar doors

    • To suit building and aircraft types, the door can be designed to exactly match customer needs.
    • The use of multiple Megadoor sections allows hangars to be constructed with optimum cost-efficiency, while also permitting advanced building design.
    • No ground tracks are needed, so there is no risk of door malfunction due to snow, ice or sand drifts.

    Wind-resistant doors for shipyards

    • For shipyards, Megadoor manufactures both single-leaf doors and multiple doors. The latter can include removable columns or swing-up mullions.
    • Doors can be precisely dimensioned for wind loads (which are often high in coastal areas), employing non-corrosive components (C5 Marine classification.

    Customer-tailored crane doors

    • Megadoor offers a complete system for crane doors, which has been installed in industries ranging from shipyards to steel production.
    • Depending on opening shape and the placement of the crane rail, various door designs are available, with or without swing-up mullions.

    Standard doors with many possibilities

    • The Megadoor System 800 and System 1000 standard door systems can be produced in widths up to 16 m and heights up to 20 m.
    • Up to a certain size, these standard doors can have high-speed opening.
    • Where they are to be used in extreme environments, standard doors can be supplied with special fabrics (e.g. heat-resistant and sound-damping, extra corrosion protection, etc.).
  • Top-class safety and quality

    A safe door

    • The Megadoor vertical lifting fabric door opens smoothly and predictably, with no sudden stops and starts. This minimises the risk of crush injuries.
    • There are no projecting parts.
    • All doors have an anti-drop system that instantaneously locks the door in position in the unlikely event that a lifting belt breaks.
    • The anti-drop system has an automatic built-in lock that holds the door in the closed position.
    • To prevent crush injuries, the standard doors have a sensor edge along the underside of the bottom beam, which continuously senses whether any obstruction is met during door closing. If the sensor is tripped, the door stops immediately and returns to the open position.

    CEN compliant

    • The Megadoor vertical lifting fabric door is CE marked and complies with the European Union’s product standard for doors, EN 13241-1.

    Quality throughout

    • Megadoor’s operations are entirely quality-oriented and certified to ISO-9001:2000.
    • Properties and safety functions are tested and approved by accredited bodies.
    • The company’s anti-drop devices are TÜV tested and approved by BG.
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