Megadoor VL3190

Megadoor VL3190 vertical lifting fabric door

Megadoor VL3190 (formerly sold under the product name Megadoor S1500) is the preferred door model for the extremely large door openings needed for aircraft hangars and shipyard halls but, in fact, it serves equally well in any door application where innovative but proven design will make a positive difference to your construction cost and subsequent operating efficiency.

Illustration of innovative hangar design
Innovative hangar design

Megadoor VL3190 can be designed with a single door leaf or as multiple door systems almost unlimited in size.

Why Megadoor Why Megadoor

Design flexibility, robust construction, reliability and safety. Regardless of environment or weather conditions – these are four of the many reasons to choose Megadoor.

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How it works How it works

Megadoor operation is easy and trouble-free. It stands up to the worst weather conditions and still provides excellent insulation and just keeps on working.

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