ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems introduces its combined offering of Albany and Megadoor
                solutions for the mining industry

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems introduces its combined offering of Albany and Megadoor industrial door solutions for the mining industry.

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems (AAES), a division within ASSA ABLOY, is a leading supplier of entrance automation for the efficient flow of goods and people. We offer complete pedestrian, industrial and high-performance door solutions dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for safe, secure, convenient and sustainable operations.

For the mining industry, AAES offers a range of strong solutions from two product brands: Albany, high performance door solutions and Megadoor, vertical lifting fabric doors designed for commercial buildings, tough environments and very large openings. AAES brings together industry-leading technologies from both Albany and Megadoor to meet the demanding door requirements of the mining industry. From truck shops, wash bays and maintenance facilities to loading docks and parking garages, AAES can provide entrance solutions for all applications.

The Megadoor vertical lifting fabric door is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, high wind conditions, dirt, sand and grit. It features a flexible design, which means there are no practical limits to the size and configuration. The door can be designed around an existing crane and crane rails for rapid and reliable operation, and can be customized to meet a wide variety of demands. Plus, the Megadoor can be built with a translucent fabric that will let in natural light to create a better working environment.

The Albany high performance rubber door features a ¼" thick rubber panel, heavy-duty steel side frames and a patented, Windlok guide system. Combined, these features provide resiliency against damage, extreme conditions and high wind loads of up to 88mph. Plus Albany's rubber door can take a hit. The curtain and break away bottom beam is designed to withstand accidental impact and remain operational. With a minimum of moving parts, it is the only door of it's size that can be repaired in minutes without special tools.

We put safety first. The Megadoor is designed with patented safety arrestors which prevent a "fee-fall" condition in the event the lifting mechanisms fail. Sophisticated controls and sensors protect the Megadoor and continuously monitor the opening.

The Albany rubber door has through beam photo eyes that detect objects in the doorway and safely opens the door before contact, as well as a fail-safe electric bottom edge – with any slight contact, the door will automatically reverse to the open position. Albany's TruckGuard safety system provides a full six-foot high curtain of continuous, protective photo beams on both sides of the door.

We design industrial doors that will provide a lifetime of strength and reliability. Our reliable entrance solutions are recognized for their low cost of ownership throughout the lifetime of the door.

We are proud to combine our extensive knowledge on automated entrance solutions to the mining industry. Both brands have effectively served the mining industry for years. We know what is needed in rugged mining conditions: Doors that provide safe and reliable operation, airtight seals and are fast and resilient.